UCM Digital Health

Virtual Care

UCM Digital Health

Virtual Care

Patient Centered Approach

Our integrated care team, including medical providers, mental health providers, and care coordinators, works together to treat your physical and mental health needs.

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NO waiting room, NO travel time, get care 24/7/365 in any location. 

Access a provider within 

minutes and receive high 

quality care where you want it, when you want it.

Compassionate Providers

Our multi-disciplinary team of ER providers, primary care providers, and mental health providers can treat a wide range of conditions. 

We provide our patients with a very tailored, personalized approach and dedicated one-on-one time during a consult. 

95% patient satisfaction is proof of the quality of our providers.

Care Coordinators

Our expert Care Coordinators will handle the follow-up work for patients, like ordering labs, making referrals, and scheduling follow-up appointments with a UCM provider. 

Take the hassle out of the healthcare experience. Increase satisfaction and improve health outcomes.

Better Outcomes

  • 98% Emergency Room 
  • avoidance 
  • 96% case resolution 
  • 100% follow-up: We provide a next step for 100% of our 
  • patients.

Whole-Person Care

UCM Digital Health is the only partner to offer a truly patient centered digitally integrated, whole person health solution. 

Our solution was built around the patients’ needs, including a multi-disciplinary team of compassionate providers to care for the whole person and a digital front door program that seamlessly integrates with your ecosystem, and concierge care.

Increased Savings

Enjoy an average claims 

savings of up to $700, while getting access to care, no 

matter what health issue you are facing.